Reusable Cloth Wipe- 8"x8"- Mixed Prints


These super soft flannel wipes can be used for a number of different things:

  • Cloth diapering needs
  • Wiping up baby's spills
  • Napkins to take to work/pack in child's lunchbox
  • Cleaning baby in the bath
  • Cleaning around the house
  • Drying hands when wet
  • Handkerchiefs/Eyeglass Wipe
  • Facial tissues
  • Mask Remover Wipes
  • Makeup Remover Wipes
  • Facial Cleanser Remover Wipes

... the list goes on! There are so many uses for these handy wipes, and will be a great staple in your household! Cotton Flannel is absorbent, and gets more absorbent the more you wash them!

They are 2 ply Cotton Flannel measuring approx 8" x 8" in. They have serged edges and have a professional look and feel.

The photos are stock photos, so you may or may not receive any number of the prints shown in the patterns. Patterns get discontinued so new ones may get added into the mix at any time. We offer many different cute prints and pride ourselves on our selection. They will have either squared edges or rounded, it just depends on what we have in stock.

Using as a baby wipe- Can be fit into a reusable container after being put into a solution. These work great with your existing cloth diapering system. You can make your own wipe solution or find others out there as well.

These are great for a baby shower gift for a new baby and also makes a great bridal shower gift!

Care: Wash with like colors/towels on warm water, and dry on medium/low heat. No fabric softeners or dryer sheets as this will put a waxy coating on them and prevent absorption.

Materials: Cotton Flannel, thread.