Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads - Set of 6 Pairs of Random Prints


These reusable nursing pads are a great option instead of the disposable pads. Take a few minutes to wash them and save money instead of buying more disposables!

Each set has 6 pairs or 12 pads total. If you need more, quantity 2 would be 12 pairs, 24 pads etc. Patterns are a random grab bag of prints selected by me. Please use the pictures as an example of what types of prints you may receive. All pattern placement may vary, and no two prints of the same fabric will be used in a set. Hint: I use super cutesy fabrics and hardly any boyish fabrics :D

They are made with 1 layers of 100% soft cotton flannel print, one layer of 400 GSM Organic Bamboo/Cotton Fleece and microfleece on the back. These are thin in nature but they can hold quite a bit!

These are for medium leak.

*Photos are an example of the types of fabric I purchase. The ones in the photos may not be available.

Care: Wash in cool/warm water with little detergent and in the dryer on low in a lingerie bag. No dryer sheets or fabric softeners, as this will depreciate the life in your pads.

Each pad is approx 4" in diameter, good for cups sizes A-D. D+ is good for 5".

Just remember to change the pads multiple times a day to help prevent the spread of thrush from mother to baby.

Materials: Cotton Flannel, microfleece, Organic Heavy Bamboo Cotton Fleece.