Paperless Towels- 12 Random Prints


Swapping out traditional paper towels for reusables is one of the easiest and first swaps into zero waste, or a more sustainable lifestyle. These wipes are fun, colorful and easy to care for. The size is around the same as traditional paper towels, and they fit on the same roll holder you may currently own. Not to mention they double as napkins, handkerchiefs, cleaning rags, or even to dry hands/wipe faces. They also can be used as cloth diaper wipes if you need a bigger wipe size for bigger jobs.

- Set of 12 Cloths per package.
- Approx size is 12"x10" around the same as standard paper towels.
- 1 ply serged edges for a professional look and feel (rounded corners)
- No snaps and can cling to each other.
- Random mix of fabrics, no double prints unless multiple quantities of packages are purchased.
- Get more absorbent with each wash

These have not been prewashed so please give them a wash before use for best results. Warm wash and throw in dryer. No dryer sheets or fabric softeners as this leaves a waxy residue that prevents absorption.

Materials: Flannel.