Rice Hot/Cold Packs- Purple Floral Tie Dye


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This listing is for a 2 pack of hot/cold therapy rice packs. They are great for sore and tender areas, as well as neck, back, arm, leg, you name it! You can also use them to heat your hands in the winter in pockets, use as a mini heater for a child's bed, a boo boo buddy for your child's injuries, and perhaps a bed for a child's figurine (my daughter loves her figurines and putting them to sleep :D)

* I came up with this idea as I need them myself! I called my local LLLBC and she suggested mini rice packs as heat therapy for as long as I could to help with clogged ducts and vasospasms. I told her I had just made some and she was overjoyed at the idea. I wondered how many other women needed the same treatment, so my mini rice packs were created!*

They are both in the same print, and are 4-4.5" big. They come in the print shown in the picture and are 100% cotton. You will receive exactly what is shown, and are ready for ship! Print placement may vary.


I did not put any essential oils, or herbs in them, so they can be used for sensitive areas and not cause any possible reactions.


To use:
*Hot: Heat in a microwave for about 30 seconds. Take out of microwave carefully and see if the temperature is at desired level. If not, put it in again for another 10 or so seconds for more heat. If it's too hot, let it rest for a little bit and check it again to see if it's cooled down.

Cold: Stick them in the freezer for a short amount of time if needed in a sensitive area, or keep in the freezer until further use.


Materials: Cotton Flannel, Rice, Thread.