It all started with...

Cute and Funky was a simple dream that I had created when I was young. I always wanted to have a small business and be an entrepreneur when I was growing up. My dad was the biggest inspiration and helped me figure out my true talents in life. My mom Kathy (who is still along on this awesome journey with me) taught me how to use a sewing machine was I was in grade school. I started making simple items, mostly purses. Sewing came naturally to me. 

Fast forward to high school. I took a sewing class and started making clothing. I was very familiar with a machine so I rose to the head of the class. My teacher loved me and saw my potential.

I attended college and graduated with an Associate's Degree in Fashion Design and a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. I also finished school with the love of my life, Mike at my side. 

Our first daughter was born and the need for more sustainable and reusable items arose. We were using way too many disposables, and started creating items to make simple swaps around our house. Nursing pads were one of the first things we created, along with some facial rounds. We put some of our items up for sale, and they were a hit!

We found out that others had the same issue our household had, and decided that it was our destiny to help be a change the world needs. Our family has grown  to now 3 children over the past 8 years, and our business has grown as well. Our team now consists of several family members including Kathy (Mom), Mike, Bailie (sister) and if we get lucky we can recruit the kids to help out.


We adore helping preserve our Earth, and want to give our children a better future by showing them the right way to care for the only planet we have been given. Sustainability and low waste is our present and future. We as humans need to do better, so we hope you will enjoy making the switches to low waste and sustainability with us!

~Brandie, Owner of Cute & Funky


Our team is our family, and every purchase helps us support them. 

All items are made in our smoke/pet free home studio in Wonder Lake, IL.